Features & benefits

Our IV catheters are designed with the health care professionals working environment in mind. Our focus is to provide products that are user friendly, safe, sharp and with a consistent quality, so you can focus less on worrying about needlestick injuries and more on giving the best care to your patients.

01 / Features & benefits

Automatic safety

The safety mechanism is passive so no additional action is required by the user during insertion. The automatic safety contributes to a reduction of accidental needlestick injuries and to a safe procedure for user and patient.

02 / Features & benefits

Excellent insertion properties

Patients and their conditions may vary, but our products must remain consistent to facilitate a safe and successful insertion. The sharp needles, the precise tip configuration and the quick blood response contributes to an effective and gentle penetration.

03 / Features & benefits

Comprehensive range

To minimize patient discomfort and boost user confidence our products are available in a vast variety of gauge sizes and lengths. The comprehensive range provides flexibility for health care workers and facilitates demanding physical conditions and different clinical needs.

04 / Features & benefits

Small environmental footprint

Our compact product and packaging design leads to low material consumption as well as reduced transport, handling, storage and waste volumes.

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