We want to make sure that all complaints are handled according to protocol. A complaint should at first hand be sent to the distributor for your market. You can find contact information for our distributors here.

To be able to handle the complaint effectively we appreciate as much details as possible. Download our complaints form to make sure all relevant information is communicated. The investigation is in many cases very limited if no actual product is available. For our investigation please also send the actual product that caused the deviation/incident to your local distributor. If you have photo(s) or video(s) of the problem - please attach them with your complaint. 

If you wish to submit your complaint directly to Vigmed AB the completed complaints form should be sent to [email protected] and the product that caused the deviation/incident should be sent to:

Vigmed AB
Kungsgatan 6
SE-252 21 Helsingborg

As soon as your complaint has been registered you will receive an official complaints number by email.

To facilitate the handling of your complaint - please download the Part Nomenclature for each product for instructions on how to name the various parts of the product:

CLiP® Neo and CLiP® Winged

CLiP® Ported



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