CLiP® Neo

CLiP® Neo is an automatic safety IV catheter designed for small veins found in the neonatal, paediatric or elderly patient groups. The product is available in 24 and 26 Gauge to cater to demanding physical conditions and different clinical needs. The optimized needle notch provides instant blood response between the catheter and the needle. CLiP® Neo has been developed with the user and patient in mind and its use contribute to safe and successful insertion.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Automatic safety mechanism to prevent needlestick injuries
  • Instant blood response between catheter and needle with optimized needle notch
  • Available in 24 and 26 Gauge
  • Stabilization wings for secure fixation
  • Blood sampling as indication for use
  • Small environmental footprint thanks to its compact product and packaging design

User guide: CLiP® Neo

For the complete handling recommendation please refer to the Instruction for use:

100902 (5) CLiP IFU


Step 1

Carefully select and aseptically prepare the site.

Step 2

Remove the needle cover and make sure the needle and the catheter tip are properly aligned.

Step 3

Perform venipuncture.

Step 4

Observe instant blood response (flashback) along the catheter length, not in the chamber behind the wing housing.

Step 5

Lower the insertion angle, advance about 1 mm along the vein to ensure the catheter tip is in the vein and simultaneously start to withdraw the needle.

Step 6

Advance further, hold the catheter hub for stabilization and compress the vein above the tip of the catheter. Withdraw the needle completely. Always pull the needle straight back and confirm safety clip activation.

Step 7

Discard the needle in an approved sharps container.

Step 8

Connect a Luer connector, cap or IV infusion line.

Step 9

Remove the wing holder and foldout the wings for stable fixation.

Step 10

Secure the IV catheter to ensure a clear fluid path and flush the catheter according to local protocol.

Step 11

Cover the insertion site with a sterile dressing.

For the complete handling recommendation please refer to the Instruction for use:

100902 (5) CLiP IFU


Product assortment

Product code Description Catheter material Gauge ø x length (mm) Color code Flow rate ml/min Shelf box (pcs)
NW261901 CLiP® Neo Automatic safety IV catheter FEP 26 0,6 x 19 violet 15 50
NW241901 CLiP® Neo Automatic safety IV catheter FEP 24 0,7 x 19 yellow 22 50

Dead space volume

Gauge Volume (ml)
26G x 19mm 0,11
24G x 19mm 0,11

Product photos

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